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Digital Membership is completely free.
No. Digital Membership provides access to selection of membership rewards. If you would like early access to discounted tickets you need to join as a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum member. For further details visit www.gaurnation.com
Digital Membership is free to all. So wherever you are in the world you can stay one step closer to the Club.
Children can join as Digital Members however anyone who is under 13 must obtain the prior consent of their parent or guardian and, if such consent is granted, register using a parent’s/guardian’s email address. The only information the Club will hold in relation to anyone under 16 is their name and date of birth, along with the email address provided at registration. We will not request any other information through their membership during their time as a Junior Gaur. Their information will not be shared with any third parties and all communication from the Club will be sent to the parent’s/guardian’s email address.
If a child registers as a Digital Member, the child’s parent or guardian can request that the membership is cancelled by emailing membership@gaurnation.com and providing the email address the child registered with. Their information and the email address will be removed from the Club’s database.
If you are a Digital Member you will be able to login using your email address and password. If you ask our website to remember you details on the computer you are using at the time you will not need to login again, unless you delete your cookies.
If you are a paid member FC Goa Member however you will be able to login by using your email and password.
Please reset your password and Login using your new password.
When you have, make sure that all your information is up-to-date so that you will receive all the benefits. Another reason that this may occur is because you are only allowed to register an email address once. If, for example, you have registered another friend or family member under that email address you will have to register yourself under a new email address. If you are still having problems please email us at info@gaurnation.com
If you have a technical problem with Gaur Nation then please email info@gaurnation.com
You can join Official Membership online by using the registeration form & purchasing a membership or by calling +91-0832-3915745 for further assistance.
You can purchase your FC Goa Official Membership online or offline. Debit and credit cards are accepted both online and on-ground while cash payments can also be made for offline purchase of the Membership.
Kindly Contact Us using the Contact Form to update your Details.
If you lose your Membership card, you should report it to the club to arrange for a replacement by emailing us at info@gaurnation.com. Please note that only one additional membership card will be provided free of cost. Additional requests for a new card will attract a fee of Rs. 250.
The Membership in Non Refundable & Non Cancellable. Contact us for further Information.
Your welcome kit will be delivered to your registered address within 25 days of your purchase.
The entire list of benefits associated with the Membership are listed in the brochure. Additionally, all members shall be entitled to a 10% discount on all Merchandise purchased across Official Fan Merchandise Stores.
Please refer to the Membership Tier Information Pages for Details.